More About Us

Let us introduce ourselves.

We are a Sabbath Keeping Church whose members keep God’s appointed Holy Days.

We are located in Lexington, Tennesse.

This web page is being published for the specific purpose of reaching out to the people of God who are scattered abroad.  We welcome them to join us for our weekly  Sabbath service, every Saturday, at 1:00 PM.

We want to hear from anyone who is interested in God’s church.

We have 2 elders at this time.  Our Statement of Beliefs is located on this site.

We think that all of God’s churches are called to preach the News or Gospel to everyone!

With God’s help and His will, maybe all of us can help bring the Kingdom of God to the earth.

We are putting our “Bread upon the water”.  We pray that it will return with increase.  The “Bread of Life” is the Word of God.  Without Him, there is not life.  The increase is those whom “He calls” to the body of Christ.

The Church of God has no creed.  We accept the Bible as the only rule of Faith, from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21.  We do not mix paganism with Christianity.  It is like water and oil; they don’t mix.  God will not accept worship mixed with paganism.

Tune to FM 99.3 each Sunday morning at 7:30 a.m.

and listen to our broadcast on various subjects.

The Church of God’s Messengers

P O Box 1111

7570 Hwy 22 South

Lexington, TN 38351

(731) 968-1450